Trust, security, respect, affection, desire, pleasure, play, discovery, encounter and union. Identify the words that define this intimate relationships It enters a world full of experiences, contexts, practices and ideas. Although they have been reduced to a ban, in reality they bring with them various Advantages to the body. That’s why we share some Advantages in the Health that the Couples they acquire by having intimate relationships.

Remember that the intimate relationships are a space to experiment, discover, learn and enjoy. If you want to learn new ways relate to privacy with your Couple, share it. The intimate relationships They are a process in which Couple He learns little by little.

According to UNFPA, young people are starting their lives in Mexico intimate on average between 15 and 19 years. 97% of them know at least one method of contraception, but more than half did not use any of them the first time intimate relationship. It is estimated that 17.4% of all births are to women under the age of 20, of which between 60% and 80% are unplanned.

How do they influence intimate relationships in the Health?

According to 20 minutes, although the intimate relationships They are not vital for humans. For people who enjoy it and practice it with the freedom they deserve and need, it makes a difference in their lives because when it is reciprocal, self-esteem increases because they feel valued and comfortable. This leads to a feeling of well-being in the general state of the person and reduces the feeling of stress. UNAM Global lists another series of Advantages in the Health:

  • Produces feel-good hormones under various circumstances, for example when walking or exercising
  • During the intimate relationships the brain coordinates an increase in breathing and heart rate, resulting in peripheral vasodilatation that causes redness
  • Promotes the production of substances that control heart rate and blood pressure, among other things
  • During the intimate relationships The body increases the immune response to protect the body without us even being aware of it

However, I have intimate relationships is not the only option health benefits there are also other activities, such as sharing a taste, an activity or a moment privacy. This can be achieved by setting goals for each other, talking about your strengths and weaknesses, using positive and negative reinforcement, and exercising Couple motivate each other or carry out everyday activities, use details.

So that the intimate relationships are safe and healthy It is also necessary to adopt practices that prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. In this case, use barrier methods such as condoms, internal condoms, latex face masks, or latex or nitrile gloves. The barriers protect you and yours Couple during the intimate relationship. At the same time, it can be helpful to do audits from time to time, think Planned Parenthood.

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