Meghan Markle was recently spotted wearing an anti-stress patch, sparking interest in this new trend. The patch in question is from the brand NuCalm and claims to activate the parasympathetic nervous system using electromagnetic frequencies to reduce stress and anxiety. However, is there any scientific evidence to support these claims?

According to Dr. Guillaume Fond, a psychiatrist, the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the vagus nerve, is indeed responsible for relaxation. However, the only effective method of stimulating this nerve is through a subcutaneous device implanted under the clavicle. Patch solutions like the one worn by Meghan Markle have not been endorsed by professionals and lack sufficient evidence of their effectiveness.

It is important to consider the context of these claims. With one in three Europeans experiencing anxiety, skepticism towards private companies promoting miracle products is warranted. Additionally, while NuCalm cites studies on their website, further analysis reveals that these studies do not have any scientific value as they are not indexed in the classification of scientific journals. This lack of credibility, combined with the high price of the patches, raises the possibility of a placebo effect.

Natural solutions for relaxation do exist, and several studies have proven their efficacy. Monitoring one’s diet to reduce inflammation, which can disrupt the function of the vagus nerve, is recommended. Breathing techniques such as deep belly breathing and heart coherence have also shown positive results. Mindfulness meditation is another effective method for stress regulation. Essential oils like lavender and ashwagandha have therapeutic properties that can promote relaxation.

In conclusion, while anti-stress patches may sound appealing, it is crucial to approach such products with caution. There is currently no sufficient scientific evidence to support their effectiveness. Instead, focusing on natural methods like diet, breathing techniques, and essential oils can provide a more reliable approach to reducing anxiety.

– The original article: “La duchesse de Sussex a été aperçue avec un patch NuCalm, censé apaiser l’anxiété. Qu’en est-il réellement ? Les réponses avec le Dr Guillaume Fond, psychiatre.”
– Definition of parasympathetic nervous system: “The parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the vagus nerve, is responsible for relaxation.”
– Definition of placebo effect: “The placebo effect refers to the phenomenon where a patient experiences an improvement in their condition simply due to their belief in the efficacy of a treatment.”
– Source for natural relaxation methods: “For natural relaxation, diet, breathing techniques, and essential oils like lavender and ashwagandha have been proven effective.”

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