Published December 7, 2023

The upcoming certified breathwork coaching course was designed by the founder of NeuroDynamic Institute, Michael Stone, and his fellow breathwork experts. It teaches participants his unique non-directive and scientifically designed breathwork modality, NeuroDynamic Breathwork(TM), and gives participants the tools they will need to become respected and transformative breathwork facilitators and experts in their own right.

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In a world now characterized by high rates of anxiety and depression, a lack of connection, and feelings of purposelessness, NeuroDynamic Institute believes that conscious breathing and breathwork can be deeply restorative and transformative; among NeuroDynamic Breathwork(TM) users, 89% have expressed that the modality gave them major relief from their anxiety and 75% described that the practice gave them greater access to inner wisdom.

Stone's scientifically designed modality is unique in several ways and participants in the NeuroDynamic Breathwork(TM) facilitator training program - which is to be held over six months commencing March 2 - will see how using only the breath and dynamic music, this modality can serve as "a gateway to conscious embodiment, emotional health and personal empowerment."

It is both because of the breathwork modality they teach and because of the course structure, which integrates a significant personal development module, that Stone and his team describe it as life-changing.

Over the course of 350 hours of structured learning, participants will experience the power of NeuroDynamic Breathwork(TM) first-hand, and then use the higher consciousness they have gained to begin developing new skills that will allow them to work as an effective facilitator and coach.

In regular live Zoom sessions, participants will learn from Stone, the team at NeuroDynamic Institute, and notable guest speakers, like Kylea Taylor, MS, LMFT, an ethics expert and the published author of four Books including "The Ethics of Caring", and Brack Jefferys, PhD, LCMHC, LCAS, the leading figure for spiritual emergence in the United States.

As a leading breathwork institution, NeuroDynamic Institute is able to offer all participants an official certification upon graduation.

A spokesperson for the breathwork organization said, "Our program is unlike any other in the world and ensures that you receive unparalleled guidance and mentorship. With a 350-hour curriculum that covers every aspect necessary to become a confident breathwork facilitator, start your business, and become a better, more conscious human, this cutting-edge training program is the culmination of years of exploration, study, and practice."

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