A smart ring is due to launch soon called Iris Smart Ring. Its main distinguishing characteristic from the competition is the ability to track blood pressure from the finger. The ring also has a slimmer profile than other offerings.

Smart rings are an up and coming trend in wearable tech due to their compact size, versatility, and convenience. Consumers are looking for devices that are both functional and discreet, and smart rings fit this need. The demand for such devices is growing and they are poised to become a significant player in the wearable tech market over the coming years.

We have yet to see Apple, Fitbit, or Samsung enter this market, despite the fact that all three are said to be working on such products. As a result, it’s safe to say that Oura is currently the king of smart rings. Their device, now in its 3rd (soon to be 4th) generation, has a devoted following.

However, things could change very quickly. A number of less expensive alternatives are being developed including: RingConn, Circular Smart Ring, UltraHuman Ring, and Movano Evie Ring.

Some of these are expected to hit the market in 2023. A handful already have. Of course, while they may undercut Oura Ring in price it remains to be seen if their performance is up to scratch.

On paper these options come across as very similar in terms of their tech specs. All of them can track similar vitals stats such as heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen, respiration and sleep. Some even have the ability to measure body temperature.

The Iris Smart Ring is one exception. It one has something to offer that the others don’t.

Iris Smart Ring – blood pressure tracking from the finger

The Swiss-Based company behind Iris Ring has put up a website where you can join the waiting list and be informed as soon as the device is available. There’s also a Facebook Group where you can join the 3,300+ strong community.

The claimed ability of this ring to track blood pressure from the finger is what makes it so intriguing. We have yet to come across another smart ring with this capability.

Tracking blood pressure with a smart ring would be convenient because it would eliminate the need for bulky and difficult-to-use blood pressure monitors. Users would be able to track their blood pressure discreetly and easily, without having to interrupt their daily activities or visit a doctor’s office.

Iris Smart Ring
Iris Smart Ring

However, it seems that this will not be available from the outset. The company says that feature will come via an OTA update. First they want to get the product off the ground. In the meantime, they say they will be “taking advantage of our clinical studies on the subject.”

Beyond this, the ring will be able to monitor heart rate and variability, stress related information, body temperature, blood oxygen levels and breathing rate. It will also be able to count the number of steps, number of calories burned as well as measure distance travelled while walking.

Slimmer than the competition, competitive pricing

In terms of design, the Iris Ring looks very nice. It is expected to have a thinner and lighter shell than other smart ring offerings. The inner surface is made of a non-allergic, non-metallic material, while the outer surface is made of a long-lasting PVD coated metal. Obsydian, Titanium, and Aureate will be the three options available.

Iris Smart Ring

Production timeline, expected release date

Some 4,000 people have backed the crowdfunding campaign for Iris Ring on Indiegogo. In the process the company has raised more than £665,000 towards production.

Now, the Swiss based outfit has put up a timeline showing when the ring will hit retail. It seems that backers can expect to receive their device in Q4 2023. Retail availability will follow in the quarter after.

Iris Ring

That is assuming all goes according to plan. As always, there are a few things that could mess with this schedule. This includes possible delays due to material availability or production issues, unexpected hurdles in app development, beta feedback could cause minor delays. The company also mentions possible delays due to shipping issues.

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As far as price, the ring starts at £164 on the crowdfunding platform. This includes a lifetime subscription.

However, the company has confirmed that there will be an additional monthly subscription fee that has yet to be determined when the device hits retail. Having said that, “you will continue to be able to enjoy a set of basic features for free.”

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