Here we are giving you information about some special smartwatches coming in the budget of Rs 5000, which can take care of your health very well.

Due to Corona, people in the country have now become very active regarding their health. Now people are taking good care of themselves and their family health. Therefore, for some time now, the demand for smartwatches is also being seen in the market. Along with showing the time, these smartwatches give many accurate information related to health to the users. They also have an in-built SPO2 monitor to accurately measure the blood oxygen level. In this report, we are giving you information about some special smartwatches coming in the budget of Rs 5000, which can take care of your health very well.

Crossbeats Ignite Pro Smartwatch

You will love the design of Crossbeats Ignite Pro. This smartwatch has a 1.7-inch curved Full HD touch display. It is best for measuring blood oxygen level accurately. The smartwatch comes with an integrated SpO2 monitor that helps users stay aware of them. Blood oxygen level easily with just one tap. It is equipped with an in-built temperature monitor that measures both body and skin temperature. And if not only that, this offering from Crossbeats also allows users to monitor their stress level. Its price on Amazon is Rs 2,499.

Boat Strom Smartwatch

This smartwatch from boAt is equipped with many good features and helps in giving accurate information related to health. With its in-built mechanism, you can not only monitor your blood oxygen level but also your heart rate and blood pressure. The smartwatch ensures forward directed breathing. There is an in-built wellness mode for such tasks. The smartwatch is specifically designed to meet the needs of people who perform high-intensity workouts and require accurate health and fitness monitoring. With full touch 2.5D curved display and responsive touch, it lets you control without much effort. The color display comes with a capacitive touch experience. You can buy it from Flipkart for Rs 2,299.

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Realme Fashion Smartwatch

This smartwatch from remalme is equipped with a basic design and it has a 1.4-inch display with a smooth touch and ultra-bright screen. You can keep track of every heartbeat with its accurate heart rate monitor. Additionally, the smartwatch can also measure your blood oxygen level. This is more important for people who are into sports and workouts. According to the manufacturers, it works perfectly as a professional oximeter. And if that’s not all, you get features like idle alerts and drink reminders. The watch meets all your needs with 14 modes including Yoga, Badminton, Cricket etc. The watch can be connected to the Realme Link app to sync and view all health data. Its price on Flipkart is Rs 3,399.

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