A good night's sleep for your baby is a priority for every parent. Knowing you can keep an eye on your little one's sweet dreams from wherever you are, thanks to a smart baby monitor, is the ultimate peace of mind.

Fortunately, gone are the days of fuzzy images and interference from your cordless phone. Much like modern smart cameras, the best smart baby monitors feature high-definition cameras, night-vision, motion sensors, and a range of technologies to monitor your infant's well-being and sleep safety, with data securely transferred to a dedicated app. To help you find the best smart baby monitor, we've rounded up a selection we recommend for any budget.

Sweet dreams with the best smart baby monitors in 2023

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System including multi-stand, smart sheets, and breathing wear band

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

Best overall

Comprehensive monitoring for peace of mind

$316 $380 Save

Nanit's Pro Complete Monitoring System leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the well-being of your infant. It features a high-definition camera with night vision and integrated nightlight to keep your baby settled, while the included breathing wear band accurately monitors the baby's breathing for complete reassurance.


  • Intuitive app with real-time alerts
  • Breathing detection by motion sensor and breathing wear band
  • Multi-stand for flexible camera positioning

  • Dependent on Wi-Fi
  • Continual alerts due to device sensitivity
  • Expensive

Nanit's Pro Complete Monitoring System is an outstanding find for any parent looking for comprehensive monitoring of a sleeping infant. Not only will you be reassured by the HD video feed, which includes night vision, but routine updates and alerts will keep you abreast of your infant's breathing and movement, much like a dedicated adult sleep tracker. In addition, data is transferred in real-time over 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi to the Nanit smartphone app.

Owlet Dream Duo 2 Smart Baby Monitor with Baby Foot Monitor and Sensor, next to a smart phone showing baby

Owlet Dream Duo 2 Smart Baby Monitor

Premium pick

Detailed monitoring of vital signs

Owlet's Dream Duo 2 Smart Baby Monitor has been developed to deliver sophisticated real-time monitoring of your baby's vital signs. Its special Dream Sock delivers real-time updates for the baby's heart rate and oxygen saturation, with a continual live HD video feed to your smartphone via the popular Owlet app.


  • Tracking of baby's sleep patterns
  • High-sensitivity breathing monitoring
  • Easy camera setup and syncing

  • Heart rate and oxygen saturation data provided as 10-minute averages
  • Some lapses in connectivity reported
  • Pricey

This HSA/FSA/HRA-eligible smart baby monitor from Owlet provides sophisticated monitoring of your child's breathing, which is ideal if you have had a premature baby or recently returned from a neonatal unit. Owlet's Dream Sock easily attaches to a sleeping infant and transmits heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation to the accompanying Owlet smartphone app. Setup is easy, and though there can be some snags with continuity of monitoring, AI-enhanced sleep tracking enables you to really get to know your baby's sleep patterns and behavior.

Chillax Daily Baby DM640 with 2-way audio, showing baby on the app

Chillax Daily Baby DM640

Best value

Value for money with exceptional range

The Chillax Daily Baby DM640 comes with an HD camera and a handheld control unit with a 4.3" screen. The 2-way talk function is perfect for selling toddlers, and the camera's integrated nightlight will keep a baby settled.


  • Range of 1,200 feet
  • Dedicated handheld monitor with screen
  • 2-way talking

  • No monitoring of vital signs
  • Additional device rather than smartphone app

If you're looking for a smart baby monitor on a budget, the Chillax Daily Baby delivers great value for money. Not only do you get an HD camera with night vision and nightlight, but the Daily Baby also includes 2-way talk functionality, so you can sing a lullaby or read a story to your little one. It is reassuring that all data transferred to and from this device is 25-bit AES encrypted, but the handheld monitor with a 1,200-foot range has limited functionality and can be a hassle if you prefer a smartphone app.

Lollipop Baby Monitor next to phone with app open, in white background

Lollipop Baby Monitor

Great for travel

Travel-friendly and feature-rich

The Lollipop Baby Monitor is a highly portable smart baby monitor that's as easy to set up in the crib as it is in a hotel room. In addition to 1080p HD video, this cute camera includes AI-enhanced tech for contactless breathing monitoring, sleep tracking, and even true crying detection!


  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Tracks breathing and sleep
  • Seven days of video storage

  • Needs reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No room temperature monitoring
  • Notifications can be slow

Families on the move will appreciate this hassle-free smart cam for keeping an eye on your baby almost anywhere. The Lollipop Baby Monitor has a unique design that stands, winds, wall-mounts, or bonds to just about any surface. Using Wi-Fi connectivity and a proprietary app, the Lollipop Baby Monitor keeps an eye on your infant with HD video, contactless breathing monitoring, and real-time sleep tracking.

Notifications are delivered to your smartphone via the app, and you can even upgrade to a Premium Pro or Elite Pro plan if you want continual video monitoring and downloads. However, this cute monitor works just fine without any upgrades.

VTech RM5764HD 1080p Smart WiFi Remote Access Baby Monitor

VTech RM5764HD Smart Video Baby Monitor

Best display

Attention to detail with a high-definition LCD

VTech's RM5764HD Smart Video Baby Monitor is a recent-release baby monitor that packs in features to ensure you always know what your baby is up to. Along with a 1080p HD camera with an impressive 360° pan and tilt, it has night vision, 2-way talk, a temperature sensor, and easy app access for iOS and Android phones.


  • Great image quality on LCD
  • Optional remote viewing with the MyVTech Baby Pro app
  • Soothing sounds keep a baby comforted

  • Some coverage and connectivity issues reported for the display

The VTech brand is popular with parents of young children, so it's no surprise that it has released a respectable smart baby monitor with insightful features to help a young family get on with everyday life. The VTech RM5764HD Smart Baby Monitor prioritizes viewing coverage with an HD camera with 360° pan and tilt and motion sensors to track your baby across a room. Another great practical feature is the temperature sensor, which helps you maintain an optimal sleeping environment. And if you tire of the handheld display, you have the option of subscription-free remote viewing using the My VTech Baby Pro app.

ARENTI Video Baby Monitor, along with a smartphone showing the app

ARENTI Video Baby Monitor

Best for high-resolution video

Don't miss a thing with market-leading 2K HD video

$150 $159 Save

The Arenti Video Baby Monitor has a market-leading 2K Ultra HD camera that provides high-resolution images and audio to either a handheld color display or the smartphone app. In addition to the great video quality, the monitor includes a temperature and humidity sensor, 2-way talk functionality, and remote control via the Arenti smartphone app, Alexa, or Google personal assistants.


  • Highest video resolution in this selection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Alexa and Google compatible

  • Lacks advanced features like breathing or heart rate monitoring

The Arenti Video Baby Monitor is another great choice, with an exceptional 2K Ultra HD video camera. It provides images with great clarity on the handheld color display, whatever the lighting level. The cute rabbit-ear camera can be remotely controlled for pan, tilt, and zoom, and the FAT32 SD card storage allows you to keep treasured moments without a subscription.

You can also stay on top of environmental conditions using the onboard temperature and humidity sensor or keep your child settled with a selection of lullabies. If using the 5-inch color display is a hassle, it's great that you can fully manage and use your Arenti Video Monitor via Arenti's smartphone app.

Motorola Baby Monitor VM44, along with smartphone showing app, in white background

Motorola Baby Monitor VM44

Decent budget buy

All the essential features for a great-value price

$85 $100 Save

Motorola's VM44 Baby Monitor is a recently released HD smart baby monitor with all-round functionality at an affordable price. Use the 4.3" HD display or your smartphone app to remotely control the camera and access other features, including 2-way audio and lullabies.


  • Affordable
  • Impressive 1,000-foot range
  • High-sensitivity audio monitoring

  • Needs reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Requires manual focusing

The Motorola VM44 Baby Monitor does a great job of visual and audio monitoring of your baby. The HD camera and 4.3-inch high-resolution display deliver crisp and clear images of your child, while the sensitive audio picks up even the quietest whimpers, so you can switch on lullabies or attend to your baby's needs. Real-world users have said the 1,000-foot range is significantly less, but if you can overcome connectivity problems, this smart baby monitor is a worthwhile buy.

CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor with multiple stand options

CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Best for safe sleep

Promotes safe sleep for your infant

The CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor is a premium smart baby monitor capable of tracking your child's sleep safety and patterns from birth to five years. This baby monitor has been developed in partnership with pediatricians and features safe sleep technology to alert you if your infant's face is covered or in an unsafe sleep position. The cute bird-shaped HD camera can be mounted in a variety of ways and provides high-resolution images to its smartphone app.


  • Three stand options for camera
  • Developed with pediatricians
  • HSA/FSA eligible

  • Face cover alert can be triggered by thumb sucking
  • Difficulties in distinguishing crying from talking
  • Temperature and humidity alerts cannot be switched off

CuboAI has developed a proactive AI baby monitor, drawing on pediatrician expertise to optimize your infant's sleep. The monitor is equipped with a 1080p HD camera concealed within a cute bird housing. This camera will track your child's sleep, from their earliest days to age five, using AI to detect the safest sleeping position and environmental conditions for your child.

Unlike many competitor models, the CuboAI baby monitor can detect if an infant's face is covered or if they are sleeping in an unsuitable position. Along with safety surveillance, the CuboAI provides comprehensive analytics, allowing you to track your child's sleep patterns, with up to 18 hours of saved playback available via the smartphone app.

Baby monitors have entered the smart era!

It's wonderful to know that parents can access baby monitors with a range of features and functionality to ensure their baby is sleeping safely and soundly. Our selection of the best smart baby monitors reflects advancements in the medical understanding of infant sleep, including the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by notifying you if your baby has changes in breathing or movement.

Premium smart baby monitors now carry sophisticated vital signs monitoring. For instance, you can monitor your baby's breathing and heart rate or receive real-time alerts if an infant's face becomes covered or if they roll over into an unsafe position. Even the budget models feature crisp, clear images and audio, which means you can be confident your child is comfortable and you can quickly respond if they wake. That's why we recommend the Chillax Baby Daily as a great value buy. It has an excellent HD camera and a generously sized, high-resolution monitor with extra-long battery life and app-based control.

On another note, due to its advanced vital signs monitoring, the Owlet Dream Pro is ideal for parents who are bringing a child home from the neonatal unit or those with concerns about their baby's breathing. Like many of these monitors, it is HSA/FSA eligible, so you may be able to get it using your health insurance.

Our No. 1 pick is the Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System. As the name suggests, it provides comprehensive oversight of infant well-being as they sleep, using a range of innovative technologies to monitor your baby's breathing, movement, noises, and sleep quality.

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System including multi-stand, smart sheets, and breathing wear band

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

Best overall

Comprehensive monitoring for peace of mind

$316 $380 Save

The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System provides wrap-around monitoring of infant sleep, breathing, motion, and height. This Wi-Fi-based smart baby monitor features a 130°-view, a 1080p HD video camera with night vision and integrated nightlight, smart sheets, and a breathing wear band for complete reassurance.

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