Published June 27, 2023

As the summer heats up, so do the anxiety levels of furry friends. Fourth of July and other fireworks events can create a stressful experience for dogs, leaving them trembling, panting, and barking for hours. But what if there was a way to empower dogs to stay calm and relaxed during firework season? Learn more:

O'Neal is introducing Angel Dog Sound Socialization Program, the revolutionary solution to firework anxiety in dogs. With a limited-time offer, pet owners can enroll in a one-hour workshop hosted by the renowned expert O'Neal Scott, where she will share a new hybrid program, including the Angel Dog Sound Socialization Training and Whole Energy Body Energywork and Bodywork techniques to keep dogs calm during fireworks events.

The Angel Dog Sound Socialization Program is a holistic approach that focuses on the entire energy body of the dog. By creating calming conditions and using sound therapy, together with the dog's unique energy patterns, the program helps dogs overcome anxiety and stress-related behaviors.

The one-hour workshop includes the following:


Practical hands-on exercises.

Tips that pet owners can apply immediately to their dog's routine.

From breathing and relaxation techniques to sound therapy, energywork, and bodywork, Angel Dog Sound Socialization Program covers it all.

"Everyone wants their dogs to be happy and healthy, especially during the challenging summer season," says O'Neal Scott. "With the Angel Dog Sound Socialization Program, pet owners can take control of their dogs' well-being and create a peaceful environment their dogs will appreciate and love. In addition, pet parents will love the gentle process and the profound results experienced."

The limited-time offer is only available for a few days, so pet owners are encouraged to act fast and register for the workshop as soon as possible. The live seminar is conveniently online, and pet owners can join anywhere.

Take advantage of this opportunity to empower the family dog and create a stress-free environment for the family and furry friend. Register for the workshop today at the Angel Dog Sound Socialization Program website,

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