The stress now it is part of everyday life. Between family, work, school and all the things of daily life it is often not possible to manage it stress.

A study reveals the best sports for relieving stress

The sport they are ideal for relieving stress. The best are certainly those in nature because breathing clean air, being in the midst of nature certainly helps to relax. Long walks in the mountains, cross country races And pedal they are ideal for greatly reducing stress and regaining energy. The walks in the woods as well as being very relaxing, they improve heart rate and blood pressure. Furthermore, sunlight has a good effect on mood because it stimulates the production of vitamin D and the hormone of happiness, la serotonin.

Also there race it favors the reduction of stress, in fact our body, during the race, releases hormones capable of helping to relax. It improves blood circulation and helps the mind to release stress and nervousness.

Another useful sport for stress and to vent the anger is boxing. In addition to relieving anxiety, it provides a complete workout. The same thing goes for kickboxing.

Even the I swim it reduces it and also improves mood. Water helps you relax. Swimming or even aqua aerobics works on the whole body. In addition, swimming helps the heart, improves breathing, endurance and muscles.

Cardio sports such as moderate running, skipping, aerobics, biking, or brisk walking are also good. They keep the whole body trained and cause the release of endorphins.

Yoga, tai-chi-chuan, martial arts and pilates are also important. They are sports that work both the body and mind and help stabilize breathing. Meditation helps lower cortisol levels and blood pressure.

All that remains is to choose your favorite and enjoy some healthy rest, away from everyday stress.

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