Vigorous intensity exercises, also known as high-intensity exercises, are physical movements that require a high level of effort and lead to rapid breathing and increased heart rate.

Various activities are considered vigorous intensity exercises, including running, fast cycling, swimming, and so on. The intensity of the exercise can be measured through several markers, such as the amount of calories burned, talk test and heart rate.

It's estimated that a dedicated fitness routine is necessary for an active lifestyle if you're not involved in a physically strenuous job.

Therefore, vigorous intensity exercise seem like a pretty decent option that can not only lead you towards an active lifestyle but also provide several advantages.

Benefits of Vigorous Intensity Exercise

Vigorous intensity exercises tend to have many advantages for the human body. Here's a look at seven such benefits:

1) Effective Weight Management

Vigorous intensity exercises help burn a greater number of calories in a shorter time, compared to regular exercises. That's why they're often considered an effective method of losing extra pounds. They're also a practical method of losing weight as they require lesser time than regular exercises.

Such exercises especially lower your body weight by boosting your metabolism, reducing abdominal fat and increasing your cardio fitness. So, if you are looking to shed those extra pounds, start with vigorous intensity exercises.

2) Better Brain Health

Vigorous intensity exercises help increase blood flow to different parts of the brain. That leads to better brain health. Additionally, high-intensity exercises provide for better oxygen consumption in the body, boosting overall endurance.

3) Lesser Risk of Chronic Disease

Vigorous training exercises can lower the probability of contracting chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. That leads to better well being and health of the body as well as that of the brain.

These exercises can be especially beneficial for young adults, as they can proficiently train their mind and body, leading to a better lifestyle.


4) Good Heart Health

Vigorous intensity exercises can help lower the probability of cardiovascular diseases. They can boost aerobic capacity, control blood sugar level and diastolic blood pressure.

Good heart health can increase the mortality rate. Especially with the increase in heart and obesity problems, high intensity exercise is the need of the hour.

5) Better Mood

Research has shown that doing vigorous intensity exercises can lead to lesser depressive symptoms and fewer depressive episodes.

Also, they can help boost energy levels, reduce stress and lead to a better sleep pattern, leading a better mood and feeling more energised. These exercises might also help in dealing with a stressful work environment.

6) Improved Metabolism Rate

Good metabolism is one of the reasons why high-intensity exercises are good for you. Such exercises demonstrate the dynamic metabolism rate of a person even hours after completing the exercise. That helps in maintaining efficient energy levels in the body along with aiding weight loss.

A good metabolic rate can help in efficiently flushing the toxins out of the body, better blood circulation, slowing down the ageing process, increasing energy and boosting natural immunity.

7) Better Fitness and Aerobic Performance

Vigorous intensity exercise can mprove both aerobic and anaerobic performance. For instance, if you have a physically demanding job, regularly doing high-intensity exercises can help in enhancing your performance, making your everyday life easier.

High-intensity exercises are also good for improving the cardiorespiratory fitness of the body and stamina level.


Increasing the intensity of your exercise seems like a good way to enhance your overall fitness and health. That can be time-efficient and squeezed into your daily routine. High-intensity workouts can also help you achieve your fitness goals more quickly in comparison to moderate exercising.

Vigorous intensity exercises offer various health advantages, but you should always proceed with caution. If you are a beginner, start slowly. and do not overexert yourself. Maintain a balanced diet to avoid feeling tired and drained out. Also, if you have any health conditions, consult a doctor before starting with intense exercise sessions.

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