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High Cholesterol In Blood

High cholesterol is a condition in which there is an excessive presence of lipids (fats) in the blood. An increase in the HCL in the blood can increase a person's chances of developing heart problems, including heart attack and stroke. Therefore, it is important to understand the ways in which one can spot the condition and get the treatment started as early as possible. Some of the risk factors associated with HCL are smoking, drinking alcohol, age, gender, diabetes, obesity, diet, etc. Today, we will share some of the symptoms that your eyes may show up when your cholesterol levels are high.

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Can High Cholesterol Affect Your Eyes?

Yes, an increase in cholesterol levels in the blood can affect your eye health. One of the most common symptom that one may develop in the eyes are a spike in the cholesterol levels is xanthelasma. It is a condition in which there is a small, yellowish fatty deposit found in the skin around your eyes. How does it happen? Let's dig in more.

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Symptoms Of Cholesterol In The Eyes

High cholesterol levels (HCL) can change the area around the eyes, leaving you experience some of the symptoms, these include - blurry vision, dark spots or lines in your vision (floaters), pain near the eye, a blushing ring formation near the outer side of the cornea and formation of yellowing lump near the eye area.

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Other Symptoms Of High Cholesterol

Apart from your eyes, some other parts of your body may also show up symptoms when your cholesterol levels go up. These telltale signs may include - nausea or vomiting, numbness, extreme tiredness or fatigue, high blood pressure or hypertension, difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath, a chronic chest pain or angina.

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How To Keep Cholesterol Levels Under Control

As we said, high cholesterol is a silent killer which comes with mild to no symptoms. Therefore keeping it under control is very much important. Some of the tips to manage high cholesterol are - eliminate trans fats from your diet, eat foods that are rich in Omega-3, add Whey protein to your diet, quit smoking, make exercising a part of your daily life to keep your weight under control.

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