Shortness of breath and nausea can indicate a heart attack, and it can be fatal, ETNT informs.
A feeling of tightness in the chest, according to cardiologists cited by the publication, is an extremely dangerous sign.
"When describing chest discomfort, people don't always use the word 'pain,' they use squeezing or tightness," said cardiologist Ron Blankstein, professor of medicine and radiology at Harvard Medical School.
A second symptom of a heart attack can be shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
"Often people ignore shortness of breath, citing age-related changes. However, difficulty breathing during physical activity or brisk walking is understandable, but if you have shortness of breath at rest, it's a sure sign of dangerous conditions, including coronary artery disease, heart failure or abnormal heart rhythms," said cardiologist Leslie Weisberg.
A third symptom of a heart attack is considered nausea and upset stomach for no apparent reason. According to doctors, such symptoms can indicate the development of many diseases, including a heart attack. To protect yourself, experts recommend undergoing diagnostics, rather than self-medication.
Dizziness is another important symptom that should not be ignored, as it too can indicate a heart attack.
"Dizziness can be a sign of arrhythmia or heart valve disease. It is very important not to ignore this dangerous condition. This will help see if there are any abnormalities or not," said Lawrence Phillips, cardiologist, associate professor of medicine and medical director of outpatient clinical cardiology at New York University.

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