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I am sufferer of asthma, and it has been brought to my attention whether the effectiveness of specific breathing techniques could assist in increasing lung capacity.

I have found that healthcare professionals and asthmatic sufferers have different opinions and scientific evidence from experiments about the effectiveness of breathing techniques with the goal of improving asthma. Therefore, I decided to conduct my own experiment as there is limited evidence to back up the statements about breathing techniques benefiting asthma. I constructed an experiment in three different ways to measure lung capacity, including a homemade spirometer, a peak flow meter, and a spirometer that the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in South Australia had recommended. The peak flow meter and the spirometer are effective and reliable as health care professionals utilise them to test the lung capacity of asthmatic individuals. Although, the homemade spirometer isn’t used within our healthcare systems, individuals can still utilize this equipment as an alternative option as it provides accurate reading for those who don’t have access to the equipment. In this experiment, I measured my lung capacity for a week without breathing techniques; then, after that week, I brought in the breathing techniques, which included the diaphragmatic and pursed-lip breathing techniques. Diaphragmatic breathing involves deep breathing to engage the diaphragm which distinctly improves lung capacity. By reducing the work of breathing by keeping your airways open longer, pursed-lip breathing can slow down the rate of breathing. In doing so, the lungs are more likely to function properly, and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is improved. These breathing techniques were undertaken three times a day, one session in the morning, afternoon, and night. When measuring lung capacity, it has to be done simultaneously to obtain accurate results.

Source: healthunlocked.com/asthmalunguk-lung/posts/148022814/do-breathing-exercises-help-increase-lung-capacity

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