Las Vegas, Nevada: For the last 3 months, Zachary Lopez from the original local independent news service ZachNews has been dealing with a range of health problems from COVID-19 to breathing problems.

In late December 2022, doctors discovered Zachary had blood clots in his head and lung areas, and after a short hospital stay was put on medication to help ease the blood clots but vision problems and dizziness begin to affect Zachary.

On Tuesday, January 17th, 2023, Graff Bruce V OD checked on my vision, and told Zachary to go to the emergency room immediately.

A few hours later, Zachary went inside the emergency room inside Colorado River Medical Center in Needles, California where hours later was transported by Careflight 6 to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada where he remains hospitalized, and diagnosis with papilledema; pressure behind eyes, caused from the blood clots which continued to cause severe pains in the head.

After a spinal test on Monday, doctors and surgeons agreed that a lumbar peritoneal shunt surgery would be best for Zachary, and was scheduled the surgery to occur after 1:00 p.m. PT on Friday.

The lumbar peritoneal shunt surgery will drains small amnt fluid from back to abdomen to decrease the pressure.

The roof of the lumbar peritoneal shunt surgery includes bleeding, infection, possible neurologic deficits.

As of Sunday, January 29th, 2023, Zachary is slowly recovering from the surgery, undergoing physical therapy and being checked on over his condition following the surgery.

Despite the surgery the blood clogs remain still there and unclear if further actions are going to be taken or if medicine will be provided to yet again help in dissolving the blood clots; the pains of the blood clots are at a level that is a migraine headache with a pointy back being hit on the front and back of your head repeatedly, sometimes swelling up and wanting to explode.

Doctors have not stated officially what caused the blood clogs.

Zachary continues to get treatment inside Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, and there is no official details on when Zachary will be discharge to come back home to Needles, California.

ZachNews operations remained stopped until Zachary is fully recovered and is healthy enough to get back to providing news and events to the great people of the community he cares about.

Zachary hopes you continue to support him as he continues to heal through the pains and struggles of the blood clots and surgery.

I miss you all and I love my ZachNews Family.


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