American TV personality Stassi Schroeder’s daughter Hartford Charlie Rose was recently admitted to the hospital after severe complaints of breathing.

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Stassi’s husband Beau Clark shared the clip on Instagram on Monday with a caption, “This was this morning. If you see your child breathing like this. Take them to the hospital ASAP!!!!”

The couple said Hartford’s breathing problem occurred due to high asthma, mucus in her lungs, and a high fever. Stassi Schroeder married actor Beau Clark on September 7, 2020.

Who is Beau Clark?

Beau Clark is an actor by profession. He is recognized for his roles in Dark Wolf (2003), Auteur (2006), and The Revenant (2009). He tied the knot with Stassi Schroeder on September 7, 2020.

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The couple has a daughter named Hartford Charlie Rose, who was born on January 7, 2021. Beau and Stassi got engaged in July 2019 after dating for two years. Stassi Schroeder is an American television personality, podcast host, fashion blogger, model, and author.

Currently, the couple is expecting a second baby. The former Vanderpump contestant brought their daughter back home after getting proper medical care at the hospital. Stassi on Instagram wrote, “Long scary day at the hospital. We brought her in after she was rapidly aggressive breathing — which doctors think it’s ‘reactive airways disease’ (which is essentially pediatric asthma) on top of a virus,” while giving an update on the health of their 2-year-old.

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Clark also shared the picture of Hartford on Instagram and said, “Just got home. 6 hours at the hospital. She’s improved slightly with her breathing, but it’s still hard. Her little belly breaking is what everyone was worried about. She’s going to be on albuterol for the next two days with this breathing thing. But we might have to go back tonight if she gets worse again. For now, she’s got an ice cream cone and is on the couch watching Frozen.”

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