He asthma one of disease Chronic diseases affecting both children and adults. Unfortunately, many Peruvians suffer from this and face it every day. If you have symptoms that make you think you have the condition healthyou should know that there is a hospital that will Campaign free disposal and treatment. Below we will tell you all the details..

Dos de Mayo Hospital, in the midst of the recent Peruvian Pulmonologist’s Day (August 30) celebrations, this Tuesday, September 5, will host a free Asthma Relief and Cure campaign. The time of this service will be from 09:00 to 12:00.

Who is targeted by the Asthma Elimination Campaign?

The campaign is aimed at the general public, who exhibit the following symptoms:

suffer from asthma

Chest tightness

Labored breathing

Wheezing in chest and cough.

(Photo: Ministry of Health)

Where will the asthma screening campaign take place?

The campaign will be held right in front of the Dos de Mayo hospital. Anyone can participate, regardless of the type of insurance. Patients who are cared for and treated will receive medical inhalers and gifts from the Hospital Volunteer Association.

Dos de Mayo Hospital: what is its history

The origins of the National Hospital of Dos de Mayo date back to the establishment in 1538 of the Nuestra Señora de la Concepción Hospital, an institution that operated in the current Conde de Superunda Giron and which was the First Hospital in Peru. Over the years, this first hospital became too small due to health problems and growing demand from the population. For this reason, its staff and patients treated there were transferred to a larger hospital called San Andrés Royal Hospital, which operated in the current Plaza Italia in the Barrios Altos area of ​​old Lima. Over the years, this hospital also became too small due to serious illnesses that caused a lot of mortality in the population at that time, and for this reason it was decided to create a much larger hospital with a larger capacity to care for more patients. Thus, on February 28, 1875, the Dos de Mayo National Hospital began to function with the staff and patients of the old San Andrés Hospital.

In this glorious hospital, medical research and hospital management took place: Oswaldo Hercelles was the founder of the first clinical laboratory in Peru and was responsible for the first isolation of Bartonella Baciliformis. Guillermo Gastaneta is the father of Peruvian surgery, and other celebrities such as Hermilio Valdizán, Aurelio Alarco, Augusto Dammert, Juan Botto, Juan José Mostajo, Max Olaecha, Carlos Lanfranco, Victor Alsamora have stood out in national medicine.

The hospice system at the end of the 19th century changed as follows: Outpatient care in 1891, first a clinical laboratory in 1900, then with the introduction of tuberculosis treatment and in 1913 a night reception for patients was opened. During training, it was and is the headquarters of the first national medical school, the San Fernando School of Medicine, and later all new schools requested a clinical area to train future medical professionals.

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