What Happened To Jho Rovero?

The fiancée of actor Andrew Schimmer, Jho Rovero, passed away following a long period of hospitalization.

A picture of their intertwined hands wearing what would have been their wedding bands was posted on Facebook by the actor along with the announcement.

He said, “The Love of my Life… my wife.. my best friend.. my partner in everything. Remember your promise, together forever.”


Image Source: Facebook

How Did Jho Rovero Die?

After nearly a year in a coma, Rovero passed away from cardiac arrest and complications related to his severe asthma. She also experienced breathing problems due to hypoxemia, which is characterised by lower-than-normal oxygen levels in the arteries.

Schimmer claimed that while filming an episode of Family Feud on GMA-7, he heard of Rovero's death.

Jorhomy Rovero Disease

On Tuesday, December 20, news of Jorhomy "Jho" Rovero's death was revealed to the public. She was the wife of the actor Andrew Schimmer.

Schimmer uploaded a video on Facebook announcing her death.

Since her severe asthma caused cardiac arrest and hypoxia, Rovero has been confined to the hospital for several months.

When told that his wife's condition was getting worse, Schimmer, who was visibly upset, stated he was in the middle of filming for the GMA Network game show "Family Feud."

In order to go to the hospital quickly, Schimmer canceled his taping.

Jho Rovero And Andrew Schimmer Relationship

Andrew Schimmer has always been optimistic about his wife’s recovery. She fought against severe hypoxemia but her condition worsened and resulted in several complications.

The actor Andrew Schimmer was always honest about his relationship with Jho Rovero, who passed away on Tuesday.

Despite Jho Rivero's illness, actor and content producer Andrew Schimmer has been organizing their wedding. However, it appears that their special day will no longer take place because Jho passed away on Tuesday, December 20. After being in bed for a year, she passed away.

The actor has always been honest about his wife's health issues and struggles. She was struggling valiantly to survive a month ago, while he was left by himself to fight for her and their family. 

He has never lost hope in his wife's diagnosis. She struggled against acute hypoxia, but things became worse and complicated a lot.

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