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Smoke from wildfires across Canada sweeps into the Bowling Green area Wednesday morning, creating hazy conditions. Source: Chris Bratton/WNKY

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. – Warren County Emergency Management has issued a heat advisory and air quality alert for the county.

EMA officials say they expect heat indices to reach 105 degrees on Thursday and Friday, with locally higher values possible.

Because of this, officials say heat illnesses can set in quick, and the heat advisory will be in effect until 8 p.m. Friday evening. First, know the signs of heat illness. A throbbing headache, no sweating, a body temperature above 103 degrees and nausea or vomiting are signs of heat stroke.

If you experience the signs of heat stroke, call 911 and take immediate steps to cool off.

If you have heat exhaustion, you may feel dizzy, sweat excessively, have cool, pale, clammy skin, have nausea or vomiting, a weak, rapid pulse and muscle cramps.

Meanwhile, an air quality alert has been issued until 11 p.m. Wednesday evening.

During an air quality alert, some individuals may experience serious health issues when exposed to outdoor air. Sensitive groups include the elderly, children, persons with asthma or other breathing problems and persons with lung and heart disease, officials say.

Effects include irritated eyes and sinuses, an irritated throat, fatigue, difficulty breathing, headaches, and chest pains or asthma attacks.

People in these groups should greatly limit going outdoors at this time.

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