Warning: Using heaters can harm you!!!

As the havoc of cold increases, the purchase of heaters and coal furnaces has increased. But do you know that if they are not used properly and carefully, then they can be fatal for you? From the loss of eyesight to asthma, inactivity of the brain, as well as headaches to wrinkles, can cause it.

First of all, know what are the disadvantages of heaters and coal furnaces

Both draw moisture from the room, due to which the skin becomes dry and there is a lack of water in the body. Lack of water i.e. dehydration causes cardiac arrest to low bp in winter.

If the heater furnace is running in the room for a long time, a headache or breathing problem starts.

Lack of moisture also damages the eyes. Due to dry eye syndrome, there is an effect on the retina of the eyes from the cornea and in severe conditions, the eyesight can go up.

Lack of oxygen and excess carbon monoxide increases the risk of allergies, asthma or respiratory diseases. Also, the smoke going into the lungs causes harm like smoking.

If you use a heater or stove in winter then take these precautions

Use an oil heater instead of the gas heater or rod heater. 

Whenever you use a heater or furnace in the room, keep a bucket full of water in the corner of the room.

Do not burn the heater or furnace continuously. If you are lighting the furnace, then keep the window or door of the room slightly open so that there is no lack of oxygen in the room.

Turn off the heater in the room of children and the elderly when the room becomes normal. 

Do not make the mistake of sleeping by running a heater or furnace. 

If you are living in a hot room, drink plenty of water yourself, so that there is no shortage of water in the body.

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