Mumbai pollution

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Mumbai (Govandi): The toxic smoke emitting out from the biomedical waste plant in Mumbai’s Govandi’s residential area has become a huge cause of concern. Several residents living here have developed respiratory illness due to the toxic emissions from the plant.

Notably, considering the menace and plight of the residents, the Government of Maharashtra had earlier decided to relocate the biomedical waste plant in February 2022. However, even till May 2022, the state government has not yet taken any substantial step towards the relocation of the plant, as promised to the residents then.

Meanwhile, the locals residing there often complain about several respiratory ailments. Also, taking into consideration, the delay in relocation of biomedical waste plant, the locals residing in the area question the intention of the State government. Several residents while speaking to Mirror Now said that the cases of infections, breathing problem, Asthma have considerably increased here.

One of the residents, sharing his plight said, “The cases of Tuberculosis (TB) patients have increased in a significant number. Earlier, from Govandi somewhere around 30 cases of TB were reported in a month. But now, due to the emission of toxic gases from SMS factory, the numbers have increased to 45, which is a serious concern.”

The local residents have appealed to CM Uddhav Thackeray, asking him to intervene in the matter at the earliest. “The CM must take a substantial step and relocate the factory soon. As of now, nothing substantial has been done. The senior officers too do not pay any heed towards this vital issue. The condition is such that the toxic gases in the air are spreading like wild fire and creating trouble for people in the other neighboring localities like ShivajiNagar as well.”

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