Although America continues to recover from the COVID pandemic, the scars of so many people lost, businesses closed, and a distrust of our health and government systems remain in our state. Idaho, unlike other states, didn’t have a statewide mask mandate. However, many businesses were closed due to health restrictions. 

The Gem State received an enormous amount of international attention for mask-burning rallies. Idaho is the least vaccinated state in the nation, as most folks debate whether or not the vaccine helped keep them alive or contributed to personal health problems.

How many folks lost their parents who were living in senior centers? Or other health facilities where they couldn’t talk or say goodbye to one another? The pandemic shutdowns brought us the new and now mainstream phenomenon of remote workers. 

Although most Idahoans are relieved, there is one burning question that continues to be a source of anxiety. Is the pandemic coming back? Will Idahoans be forced to social distance and wear masks in public places? Have you noticed some folks wearing masks in public again? What’s next? 

We are in flu season; however, does that mean we are in COVID season? We have seen levels rise nationwide, including a new unknown variant.

The WHO, or the World Health Organization, has dire predictions for those who fear another pandemic. The WHO says the infection rate is two to nineteen times higher than previously revealed. The group’s spokesperson explained how our new reality will be with us for quite some time, not a year, not five years, but twenty years.

The scientist uses wastewater to determine the rate of infection. MSN reported that health officials have a multitude of challenges and symptoms. 

“We don’t necessarily know how often we’re getting infected,” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonoses unit, said at a news briefing.

“Five years, 10 years, 20 years from now, what are we going to see in terms of cardiac impairment, pulmonary impairment, neurologic impairment? It’s year five in the pandemic, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about it.”

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