SINGAPORE: An increasingly complacent attitude displayed by Singapore residents towards COVID-19 is “worrying”, said doctors, as new survey results showed most people no longer see the virus as a threat.

About 87 per cent of those surveyed believe that COVID-19 does not pose a high risk to their health, while more than 35 per cent indicated they do not plan to take additional booster vaccinations in the future.

This is despite 38 per cent of respondents agreeing that there is enough data to support the need for boosters.

The survey, commissioned by Moderna Biotech Singapore and the Asia Pacific Immunization Coalition (APIC), polled 1,219 adults on their attitudes, knowledge and behaviours around COVID-19.

“(The number of) individuals saying they are not going to get vaccinated against COVID anymore is kind of alarming,” said Dr Ong Kian Chung, president of Singapore’s Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Association.

“Because we’re dealing with a virus that is still causing a lot of trouble here and elsewhere, we should get ourselves protected, especially (since) we’ve opened up the economy and people are travelling.”

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