Covid-19 infection is on a rise in Latvia again, but the situation is not dramatic, said the head of the Disease Prevention and Control Centre’s Infectious Diseases Monitoring and Immunisation Department Larisa Savrasova in an interview to TV3 programme 900 seconds.

The number of newly-hospitalised patients indicates a rise in infection rates, as well as the proportion of positive Covid-19 tests.

An average of 16 Covid-19 patients were hospitalised every week in summer. In September the number reached 39 patients every week.

The proportion of positive Covid-19 results discovered over the course of the week has increased from 5-10% in summer to 24% in the last week, said Savrasova.

She explained the growing Covid-19 infection rate with various interconnected factors, most of which related to the coming of autumn – children going back to schools, more active use of public transports and more indoor activities.

So far there is no reason to believe the new Covid-19 variant could prove more dangerous than the previous ones.

According to the representative of the Disease Prevention and Control Centre, symptoms of the new variant are similar to the already known ones. However, there is no information to suggest Eris variant causes advanced difficulty with breathing. At the same time, it is also possible the new variant could undergo some mutations and potentially become stronger, said the specialist.

Savrasova invites people to be careful and follow everyday epidemiological safety measures. People with a weakened immune system and increased health risks should consider wearing protective masks and avoid crowded areas.

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