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Sarawak Deputy Education, Innovation and Talent Development Minister Datuk Dr Annuar Rapaee was praised for tending to a passenger on board a Malaysia Airlines flight on 6 September.

Writing on Facebook, Dr Annuar said he was on flight MH2521 from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur when an air stewardess suddenly made an announcement to ask if there were any medical personnel on board.

When Dr Annuar identified himself, he was asked for any identification to confirm his credibility. Since doctors do not carry IDs to identify themselves as medical doctors, he showed his credit card instead with the title Dr in the name.

Once that was sorted, he was told a female passenger had trouble breathing. It turned out she had an asthma attack.

Fortunately, one of the passengers had an inhaler and the patient took a few puffs of the medication.

When it didn’t work, Dr Annuar used the nebuliser from the emergency kits onboard the plane. The nebuliser helped and she was no longer gasping for breaths.

He complimented Malaysia Airlines for having such medical supplies on its flights and jokingly shared that he had to fill out four medical reports after that.

Netizens praised him for helping the woman and for his service to the people. A netizen who was on the same flight witnessed everything and was glad the patient recovered.

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