The new COVID-19 variant that was detected in January this year has caused concern among experts in recent months, becoming a "variant of interest" for the World Health Organization ?WHO?.

During the Hecho en California radio program, hosted by Marcos Gutiérrez, Anna Lee Mraz, CEO of Peninsula 360 Press, warned about the new variant of COVID-19 "Arcturus" or XBB1.16, which was first identified in India and has so far been detected in at least 29 countries.

One of the characteristics of this strain is that it may be more transmissible because it has one more mutation in the spike protein. In the program it was commented that conjunctivitis is one of the characteristic symptoms of this new variant, added to the other symptoms already known by the population such as cough, fever, fatigue, sore throat, difficulty breathing, among others.

Likewise, Lee Mraz pointed out that in the press conference organized by Ethnic Media Services -in which experts met to talk about the new variant-, it was recommended that both adults and children be vaccinated against COVID-19 to be protected against the new variants of the disease, which would decrease the risk of contracting Arcturus.

"The vaccine itself can reduce the possibility of doing us more harm," said driver Marcos Gutiérrez, while Lee Mraz recommended that people receive inoculation boosters and follow hygiene measures to prevent transmission of the disease. .

Government of Dina Boluarte is a "civic-military dictatorship"

At the time, Camilo Pérez Bustillo, executive director of the San Francisco Bay Area National Lawyers Guild, announced the presentation ?which took place on May 2 at the Medicine for Nightmares Library and Gallery? of the report and photographic exhibition on the violation of human rights in Peru.

The #PerúResiste exhibition was carried out jointly by Global Exchange and Social Focus, in collaboration with Peninsula 360 Press, Rompeviento TV, United Journalists and the Center for Latin American Socio-legal Studies ?CESJUL?.

Similarly, he pointed out that the illegitimate government of Dina Boluarte has established, according to what the inhabitants of Peru say, "a civic-military dictatorship." He also pointed out that the repression carried out by this dictatorship has left "more than 70 dead, hundreds of people arrested, many injured and 5 places where there has been concentrated repression against the native peoples."

Bustillo also denounced that "this repression is being supported, financed and armed by the United States, there is more than 40 million in military aid to the government of Dina Boluarte and the government welcomed this illegitimate government", which has caused the number of Peruvian migrants increases because they are fleeing. 

«The interim government chaired by Dina Boluarte, is a government that has applied a policy of state terror that has culminated in crimes against humanity, we are talking about the most serious level? according to International Law? of massive human rights crimes, of extrajudicial murders, of massacres,” he explained.

Finally, Manuel Ortíz, director of Península 360 Press and co-director of the #PerúResiste exhibition, said that "there is a lot we can do here," since he pointed out that in Peru people hope that their voices will also be raised from outside in the face of the situation. that the country is experiencing.

«It seems that the media phenomenon in Peru has faded, but the problem continues, now what corresponds is to denounce not only this imposed government but also the United States as the promoter of this illegitimate government and as the promoter of a militarization that advances throughout Latin America," he concluded.

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