In spring, cases of allergic sinusitis and allergies become more frequent. If these diseases are not treated, they can cause serious complications in a person’s life.

Differentiating the effects of sinusitis

They make about a liter of mucus per day. Normally, this mucus is eliminated when noxious air particles are inhaled, but when inflammation occurs, for example, due to a respiratory allergy, the mucus accumulates inside and is where the symptoms begin.

The symptoms of sinusitis and respiratory allergies are somewhat common. First of all, it is known as nasal congestion, which occurs when the nose is blocked. It is common to see how people who suffer from this pathology have a heavy nose (may be both pierced or only one). On the other hand, the nose runs because the nasal cavity is filled with mucus, a severe headache due to this blockage of the paranasal sinuses due to the thick mucus accumulated, and a possible loss of smell. When these types of symptoms are experienced for less than three months, it is considered acute sinusitis, and when the symptoms last longer, it is defined as chronic sinusitis.

The main difference is that in sinusitis there is inflammation of the nose and sinuses, while in rhinitis there is only inflammation of the nose. As for the symptoms, rhinitis usually presents with sneezing, itchy eyes and clear mucus, in sinusitis the mucus is usually thicker and darker. Allergic rhinitis can appear as a reaction to pollen, dust, mold, hair of certain animals, etc. On the other hand, sinusitis is more common as a result of the common cold.

Sinusitis in everyday life

Difficulty breathing well through the nose often affects the quality of sleep. Those with nasal congestion will constantly wake up with a dry mouth and more tiredness, the effects of which emphasize bad moods and are at a higher level of stress.

Life with sinusitis or respiratory allergies is not pleasant. Insomnias and outdoor sports activities due to severe pains, permanent runny nose, and continuous throat due to mucus clearance, prefer to stay at home.

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