KOLKATA: Private hospitals in Kolkata didn't see any new Covid admission this week. While three patients have been released after recovery from two hospitals, those still admitted remain stable. Six Covid patients, mostly senior citizens, had been admitted across three private hospitals last week.
The lone Covid patient admitted at AMRI Hospital Mukundapur was discharged on April 5. The Jadavpur resident had been admitted on March 30 and tested positive on April 1. He had been admitted with fever and breathing distress and had to be treated at the ICU. The hospital has had no further Covid admissions.
Fortis Hospital, that admitted two Covid patients last week, is yet to release them. Both patients, a 74-year-old and a 65-year-old are under treatment in isolated cabins and have been shifted out of ICU. "Both remain stable and could be released soon. Even though we are screening those with Covid-like symptoms, none has yet tested positive," said a hospital spokesperson.
Woodlands Hospital, that had three Covid patients admitted in isolated cabins till three days ago, has released two of them. "We have just one Covid patient now. He got admitted four days ago and is now stable," said CEO & MD Rupali Basu.
Woodlands, like several other hospitals, started screening patients with flu-like symptoms for Covid last week. It has kept several isolation rooms ready to accommodate more Covid patients. "We have not implemented mandatory tests for Covid as of now," said Basu.
Bengal witnessed a marginal rise in Covid positivity last week and the number of active cases had touched the three-figure mark after four months. Some experts felt that more tests would have swelled the number of cases. "Since infections are mild, samples are rarely being tested. We have not come across a single Covid positive case since November, 2022," said Peerless Hospital microbiologist Bhaskar Narayan Chowdhury.
He, though, added that kids have remained unaffected by Covid since adenovirus outbreak started in late-February. "We are continuing upper respiratory panel tests for children which includes Covid test. So far, none has tested Covid positive," said Chowdhury.
The state and the city experienced a minor spurt which is now over, said CMRI Hospital pulmonologist Raja Dhar. "With summer having set in, I would expect Covid to disappear altogether now," said Dhar.

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