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May 17, 2023

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Nature's Generator

, a leader in renewable solar and wind-powered home generators, today celebrated five years of partnership with


, a premier electronics store in

Puerto Rico


"We are thrilled to have sustained such a meaningful partnership with DR.TECH so all these years," said

Lawrence Zhou

, CEO of Nature's Generator. "Our mission statements go hand-in-hand – bringing affordable clean energy to all and bringing high-trend high-tech products to

Puerto Rico

– so it's only fitting that we found each other and continue to work together for the betterment of the community."

The partnership began on

September 20, 2017

, after Hurricane Maria struck

Puerto Rico

. With sustained winds of 155 mph, the island's power infrastructure was decimated -- leaving the island in a nightmarish blackout for three months. The team at DR.TECH immediately identified renewable energy as the solution and Nature's Generator's affordable power stations were the most suitable option

"We saw at first glance that the Nature's Generator was going to change everything," said Jumil Caban, owner of DR.TECH. "For one thing, it was an easy-to-use portable solar-generator system where people could point the panels toward the sun and begin to power their life again. Beyond that, it had a price that people in

Puerto Rico

could afford."

Since 2017, DR.TECH has been Nature's Generator's primary distributor and service center in

Puerto Rico

. As such, they worked with other companies to distribute the generators for a variety of aid programs which donate the systems to the elderly or to citizens with delicate health and economic problems who require power for cooling, medical machines, or refrigerators.

These benefits prevailed again when Hurricane Fiona struck in 2022, allowing DR. TECH and Nature's Generator to help those who needed medicine refrigerated, asthma breathing machines available, or power for modems and internet for work, business, or education – so life could prevail.

"It's truly a blessing watching how technology can help those more vulnerable people get the power they need for essential machines and not have to again experience the nightmare we all lived through during Hurricane Maria," said Caban.

Both DR.TECH and Nature's Generator want these lifesaving generators accessible to everyone. DR.TECH started offering 0% interest financing for 24 months to give families a chance to acquire the solar-energy backup generators that are safe for use inside multi-level buildings. In

Puerto Rico

there are more than 240,000 families who live in apartments or condominiums where gas generators are prohibited because of life-threatening toxic emissions – here, as everywhere, solar is the clean answer.

In 2022, Nature's Generator launched their Powerhouse generator which can power a complete house including 120/240V. DR.TECH now sees this product being used in homes and they're also seeing business owners integrating the Powerhouse into their stores to provide power to help their business run even during outages.

"We find most people would rather invest in affordable clean, renewable energy solutions than spend


or more for a diesel generator that continually consumes fossil fuel and emits emissions that harm people and damage the atmosphere," said Caban, "It's impressive how Nature's Generator keeps innovating and searching for new tools to make renewable energy accessible and affordable for everyone, or what we like to say in

Puerto Rico

: The sun is FREE, solar energy's a gift -- so use it!"

About Nature's Generator

Nature's Generator was founded in


in 2015 with an ambitious mission: Combating climate change by providing affordable clean energy products to all. For over 8 years now, they have been an industry leader in the engineering, development, design, and manufacturing of solar and wind powered generators, wind turbines, solar panels, power transfer switch kits and accompanying accessories.

Nature's Generator, Inc. partners with retailers like Home Depot, Lowe's, Sam's Club, Cabela's, Tractor Supply, HD Supply, Camping World, Amazon, Overstock and many others independent dealers and retailers in

North America

and around the world. To learn more about Nature's Generator, please visit:


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