'Every city has age & sex': Mumbaikars give a smashing reply to the viral Reddit post | FPJ/Swarna S

A Reddit post suggested that every city has age and sex, and further pointed out that Rome is feminine, London is a teen, and Paris is a man in his 20s. What's Mumbai? The internet has a hitting reply to the silly content shared online. A top comment read: "Mumbai is basically a person who has no time for such bullsh*t (sic)." "Exactly. Mumbai doesn't give a f*ck..." said another user.

"Every city has an age and sex..." read the post shared on Reddit, which triggered Mumbaikars like anything. The content further noted the idea and said, "Rome is feminine. So is Odessa. London is a teenager, an urchin. Paris, I believe, is a man in his twenties in love with an older women. (sic)"

Check the Reddit post

Netizens react

Mumbaikars have got no chill to reply to the post, probably there are busy catching their local, isn't it? "I missed a train reading this," a comment took a dig at the post.

Was that all that netizens had to say about the Indian city? No, there were a few more comments that reflected on the infrastructure and development of Mumbai. In view of many projects, such as metro construction, ongoing for years and years together causing inconvenience to citizens, a user wrote, "Mumbai is a software that is always updating...oh sorry upgrading."

Another point that was brought to light was pollution and the air that the Mumbaikars were breathing in recent times. People suggested that the present-day Mumbai could be an asthma patient struggling to breathe fresh air.

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