Ghaziabad: The Health Department has come on alert mode regarding Influenza H3N2. All the hospitals in the district have been alerted and instructions have been given to reserve beds in case of emergency. Regarding this, preparations are being made to issue guidelines from the government level as well. After the release of the guidelines, it is believed that wearing a mask may be mandatory once again. Along with this, it is being told that it is spreading towards Corona.

The seasonal viral that occurs when the weather changes is more serious than before. Investigation of fever patients revealed that they are complaining of fever, cough, cold and headache due to influenza virus H3N2 infection. This infection spreads like a corona and its symptoms are also similar. Thousands of people are suffering from influenza in the district. About 300 new patients are coming daily. However, the health department claims that no serious case of influenza has been reported in the district so far.

alerted department

In view of the rapidly increasing number of infected, the Health Department has also alerted all the hospitals. A separate 10-bed ward has been made in the District MMG Hospital. In the Combined Hospital too, 10 beds have been reserved separately for influenza patients. Apart from this, instructions have been given to reserve 5-5 beds at all CHCs as well.

Breathing patients may have trouble

District Surveillance Officer Dr. RK Gupta said that the problem of cough in influenza infection can persist for three weeks even after the fever subsides. Due to which there can be difficulty in breathing. The infection causes both dry and wet cough. When there is cough, it keeps on rising continuously for some time and the patient’s breath becomes swollen. In such a situation, those whose lungs are weak, they may have serious problems.

Protection from mask and sanitizer

Advisory has been issued by IMA regarding Influenza. Along with this, the Health Department is also advising people to wear masks and take care of hand hygiene. DSO Dr. RK Gupta says that the use of masks is very helpful in preventing viral infections. Along with this, keeping the hands clean continuously also reduces the risk of viral infection. The patients reaching the hospitals are being made aware for this.

Guidelines may be issued

According to departmental officials, seriousness is being taken regarding influenza from the government level as well and a guide line is being prepared for it. The guideline may be issued soon. The guide line can only have rules similar to the Covid guidelines. In which social distancing, mask and sanitizer can be made mandatory.

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