A study by an online health platform claimed that 55 per cent of the families residing in Delhi and its neighbouring cities have had "one or more members" down with one or more Covid-like symptoms in April and May.

The LocalCircles recently conducted a survey and sought responses from residents in Delhi-NCR to a prepared questionnaire. 

According to the statement issued by LocalCirlces, one of questions is: “When you or someone else in the family was unwell in April or May,  (with symptoms like fever, sore throat or cough, cold or congestion, fatigue or body ache, stomach ache, diarrhea, nausea, breathing difficulties, uneasiness, etc.),  did you/they take any type of Covid-19 test?” In response, the majority, 66 per cent of the residents said, "No". Only 22 per cent said, "Yes, once", and another 12 per cent said, "Yes, multiple times."

"This means, of Delhi-NCR families that had one or more members exhibiting Covid-like symptoms in April-May, two in three did not take Covid test. This question in survey received 11,235 responses," the statement read.

The survey also found that of the people who were getting tested, 42 per cent of them were opting only for Rapid Antigen Test, it said in a statement.

LocalCircles has attempted to understand section of people who are having Covid-like symptoms but are choosing not to take test at all.

The survey received more than 23,500 responses from residents located in all districts of Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram and Faridabad.

As many as 64 per cent respondents were men while 36 per cent respondents were women, it said.

“To summarise, the survey indicates that 55 per cent of Delhi-NCR families have had one or more members down with one or more of these Covid-like symptoms in April and in the first 10 days of May,” as per the statement.

This could be extrapolated to say that of those with such symptoms in Delhi-NCR, only 19 per cent of the cases are coming under any kind of Government data and 81 per cent are "getting missed out," the statement read.

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