Influenza virus is a common seasonal virus gives rise to fever, cough and running nose. In persons with comorbidity conditions, elderly , immunocompromi GVsed persons it may give rise to complications of respiratory in nature.

 As many as 90% of the persons recover by themselves as this viral illness is self limiting in nature and 10% of cases having ILI and SARI symptoms may develop breathing difficulties, persistent cough which needs drugs.

H1N1 and H3N2 are subtypes of Influenza a virus. It’s common flu virus quite common in children and elderly from December to March.

“Our 30 DPHLs are continuously monitoring the trend of ILI and SARI cases by testing samples regularly in our 23 RTPCR labs and DPHLs. Our 30 DPHLs  ate doing H1N1 testing on regular basis. Each of them have requisite infrastructure and lab logistics to conduct the tests if a surge is seen in near future,” said Health Department.

“Most of the illnesses are mild and self limiting. Han dwashing, personal hygiene and avoiding crowded places are the key measures to be followed as done earlier. District IDSP units are in readiness and constantly monitoring the situation. Labs are kept in readiness to handle the surge of cases  occurs if any,” said Health Department.

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