Health authorities have urged the public in Macau to refrain from over-panicking over Covid infections, despite the recent reemergence of cases.

The call was made by Leong Iek Hou, an official responsible for infectious disease prevention, on Wednesday. “The global trend is that nobody pursues zero-covid anymore,” said Leong. “The purpose is to minimize severe cases and deaths like any other respiratory infection.”

The official made the appeal on the sidelines of a TDM phone-in program, where concerns were raised about a government decision earlier this month to reinstate a daily report of infection figures.

However, in spite of her appeal, the official emphasised the importance of remaining vigilant to prevent infections from further worsening.

Since late April, the reported number of Covid infections has been rising, with over 850 reported on Monday.

Earlier this month, a two-month-old premature baby was diagnosed with a severe case of Covid-19 infection complicated by sepsis. He was once in critical condition and required the use of a ventilator to maintain his breathing.

According to the official, the daily number of Covid patients seeking emergency treatment at the public hospital had once surged to nearly 1,300 on average. It represented a significant increase from an average of 700 per day.

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