Ludhiana: With the change in weather, hospitals are receiving patients with respiratory issues. Experts say the cases are likely to go up in the coming days due to harvesting and pollen season.
“We are seeing several patients complaining of respiratory issues. Change in weather, pollen and harvesting season are triggering the cases. We are receiving every day 15 to 20 cases of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), among others. Asthma is common in children, teenagers and young adults. COPD cases are seen in elderly people. At peak, I get daily around 40-50 such patients,” said Dr Gurpreet Singh, senior consultant of pulmonary medicine at a city hospital.

Doctors see spurt in respiratory problems

“We had Covid flu patients in January and till February-mid. But now we are getting patients with respiratory allergy-related issues. Eight to 10 such patients, who have fever, sore throat, rhinitis, cough, among other symptoms, are coming to the hospital daily. There are patients who have history of allergy in this season and then there are cases who get symptoms after exposure to allergens,” said Dr Amanpreet Kaur of department of medicine at civil hospital.
Experts advise preventive measures.
“Respiratory cases are around 10% more as compared with the previous month. Many people are complaining of cold and cough. Residents need to take precautions and avoid dusty environment,” said Dr Rajesh Mahajan of DMCH.
Children, too, are getting affected.
“We are seeing children who have hyper-reactive airways disease, which is a sort of allergic ailment. A common symptom is chest congestion. These days, I am seeing daily around eight to 10 such kids, who are above six-month-old. These cases are expected to increase amid the harvesting season. These will stop after harvesting season and decrease in pollution. Parents must avoid their children’s exposure to dust, should not take them to construction and paint sites. We give such patients bronchodilators, including nebulisers and inhalers,” said Dr Naveen Bajaj, a neonatologist.
“Mask that can help prevent Covid can also help check respiratory issues, as it stops entry of allergen inside the respiratory system,” added Dr Amanpreet Kaur.
There is an increase in cases of skin allergies too.
“There are a lot of allergens, pollens and dust in air which have increased the cases of skin allergies. We are getting cases of allergy disorders like urticaria, air-borne contact dermatitis and photo-contact dermatitis, among others. People who go out with uncovered neck and face should wash these areas with plain soap and water on return home,” said dermatologist Dr Alka Dogra.

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