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KOCHI: It has been over a month since the COVID cases started declining noticeably in the state in the third wave. Though the numbers have come down, post-COVID issues are still making many ill. According to experts, non-serious and persistent symptoms are being exhibited by people who have recovered from COVID.

"When compared to the earlier two waves, post-COVID complications involving heart, lungs, and liver are less severe this time around. Since the Omicron variant affects the upper respiratory system, most of the post-COVID issues include nasal blockage, breathlessness, headache and difficulty in breathing. Though these symptoms are not serious, their persistent nature can make one very ill," said Dr Praveen Valsalan, a pulmonologist based in Kochi.

These persistent symptoms in recovered patients occur irrespective of age but are seen mostly affecting youngsters, especially in the age group of 30-45 years. "Youngsters are the most affected in the third wave. In certain cases, patients develop symptoms after two weeks of infection. They will not have any symptoms during the period of infection but only during the recuperating time," said Dr Mathew George, a general physician based in Alappuzha.

"Though the severity of infection due to the Omicron variant was way less compared to the earlier two waves, post COVID-issues should not be neglected. Recurrent headache, nasal issues including nose blockage and sinus are triggered among those facing with allergy issues mainly. In the case of some, these symptoms will subside only gradually," said Dr Praveen.

However, in the case of those with comorbidities, it is better to consult a doctor if they have persistent post-COVID symptoms, he added. However, experts also believe that the fight against COVID is far from over.

The rise in the COVID cases across the world including China, Israel and European countries hints at the advent of the fourth wave, they say. 

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