New Delhi [India], March 14 (ANI): Amid concerns of the H3N2 virus in the country, the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital in the national capital has prepared an isolation ward of 20 beds for infected patients with all the necessary facilities, Medical Director of the hospital said on Tuesday.

Dr Suresh Kumar, MD of LNJP, told ANI that a team of 15 doctors has been deployed for round-the-clock duty in the isolation ward.

"We have made a 20-bedded isolation ward at the hospital. We have all the facilities including oxygen support. We have installed ventilators. We have deployed a team of 15 doctors who are doing round-the-clock duty. We also have sufficient stock of medicines. In this, antibiotics have no role. It is a viral disease. So we give anti-viral medicines. The patients should not consume anti-biotics on their own," Dr Kumar said.

Talking about the prominent symptoms of the viral disease, the official informed that the patients have breathing problems, cough and running nose, and fever.

"There are many patients who have breathing problems, cough, running nose, and fever. The risk of transmission is more in people with weak immunity or who are suffering from other diseases. In the latest surveillance data shared by ICMR till March 5, the most number of cases have been reported on H3N2. We have made a separate isolation ward for such patients," he said.

"The most prominent symptoms are fever for one week, cough for one to two weeks, and some people have breathlessness. Nearly 10 per cent of people have oxygen deficiency," Dr Kumar detailed further.

He said that no deaths from the virus have been reported at the LNJP Hospital.

"We make preparations every year for influenza and swine flu. We have made special arrangements this time as it has spread very fast in some places. Some deaths have also been reported in some states. There have been no deaths at our hospital," he said.

H3N2 has been the dominant subtype followed by H1N1. Both these subtypes belong to Influenza 'A' type.

However, the Union Ministry of Health on Friday said that the cases arising from seasonal influenza including H3N2 which has claimed one death each in Haryana and Karnataka are expected to decline from March end. (ANI)

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