Covid, new wave arriving in China: in June the XBB variant will bring 65 million infections per week

The Chinese back to shaking under the threat of Covid and the world with her. In fact, at the end of June, a new variant – XBB – will lead to 65 million new infections per week. The alarm went off after these previsioni espresse da Zhong Nanshan, the main expert on respiratory diseases of the Asian giant, spoke in Guangzhou at the Greater Bay Area Science Forum. As reported by the Global Timesthe fuse of the new wave it is concrete given the dominant presence of the country. To run for cover against the last variant la China has approved two new vaccines which will soon go on the market – adds Zhong – e others three-four are under approval.

According to the National Health Commission le XBB variants they are recombinants of Omicron and like their “parent” they show a very strong transmissibility and immune escape – even higher than Omicron – but without significant changes at the pathogenic level. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention – China CDC – has estimated the increase in the rate of infection of the XBB variant, which went from 0.2% in mid-February to 74.4% at the end of April and to83.6% at the beginning of May.

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