Salute & Dedication to Oz Aged Care Frontline

Hard to believe on election eve Scomo has done a bunk on Frontline + most are denied Voting access.
Guardian : "4 mths on & 70% of Aged Care workers yet to get Scomo's promised $800 Pandemic pay!"

Just another despicable lie & piss poor backhander to Oz Frontline in hour of need ...the PM is a grub!
Never had any intention of coming good...another lowest of low acts from Oz # 1 Bully!

Just 20% received half = $400 & only 2.7% received whole = $800 payment.
Now the PM is trying to wriggle outta measly Frontline God can save this piece of Shit!

Oz Age Care Deaths 2020 (686) > 2021 (231) > 2022 (1,418)

Covid wave set is an exclusive dedicated to Oz Frontline

~~/C...[ Delta )
Homes 221 > Outbreaks 306 (138.5%) or 1/15.1 [+] Staff 667 > Residents 1,355
Deaths 172 = 12.7% patient death rate / All 8.5% +(17% of Oz total 1,075 deaths).

Homes 1627 > Outbreaks 2,612 (160.5%) or 1/8.3 [+] Staff 16,949 > Residents 14,502
Deaths 859 = 6% patient death rate / All 2.7% + (35% of Oz total 2,814 deaths).

Homes 334 > Outbreaks 1,381 (413.5%) or 1/3.7 [+] Staff 15,186 > Residents 21,891
Deaths *629 = 3% patient death rate / All 1.7% (Oz 1.07%)+ (21.7% of Oz total 2,893 deaths)
(News : *Age Care 85-90 d/wk > 3 wks overtake Omicron as has Oz Stealth deaths already done!)

Right here right now is Oz Age Care biggest battle!

Key notes : Staff / Residents (All) Deaths are recorded as whole % shown.
tbb included Resident ( Patient) % deaths as a reliable secondary guide as near all deaths are residents. {R.I.P}
5th April 2020 55y/o Disability Nurse Sumith Premachandra was youngest to die from Covid in Victoria!
28th Nov 2021 Nurse Gillian (Jill) Dempsey died from Covid in Victoria (Fully Vaxed + PPE)

Data anomalies :
(A/C Homes) Comparison > April Canada 61% Homes [+] (vs) Oz 89% Homes [+]
Infections into Homes change with seasonal access > Omicron spread infectious Xmas cheer!
Without travel bugs > Off Season Stealth is comfortable chewing thru a steady 40-50 homes/wk.

(Outbreaks) With a 1/3.7 strike rate, you don't wanna invite Stealth into yer Home
Less seasonal access into Care Homes limits Stealth to a measly 200 Age Care outbreaks/wk.

Infection rate keeps increasing with each Vax mutated VOC.
[+] Stealth Staff are increasing from 1,000 > 2,000 week & will surpass Omicron total in 2 weeks.
There is only record upward infection in both Staff & Residents 1/15.1[+] > 1/8.3[+] > 1/3.7[+]
Quite likely that 25% are currently being infected...reason for this dedication...Tough Workplace!
Current (Active Cases) 5,176 [+] Staff + 7,568 [+] Residents.

Age Care Deaths (% of National Deaths)
Jan 2022 US 23% > April 2022 Canada 44% > Oz (d)17% (o)35% (s)21.7% (Rising Fast)

( Virus Death Rate ) (d) 12.7% > (o) 6% > (s) 3%
Explanation! Covid kills from frail elderly downward thru years in aged care setting.
Each wave therefore will have less frail elderly victims driving the death rate down.
tbb compiles Data that shows less 100 > 90y/o appear in deaths as there are less to die! (Endangered!)
Culture Shock the world over losing Story Tellers & cultural ties...depriving untold generations.

1/2/3 Vax may offer protection but increases infectious VOCs increasing patients increasing deaths.
As Rollout now unearths Unvaxed Palliative out/patients the unvaxed death rate increases.
Meaning... most remaining unvaxed are seriously ill & more likely to die from Vax or Covid.
tbb lives in this group & knows of others who also still wear masks...soon a majority of Unvaxed!
The age of Vaxed deaths decreases as age of unvaxed deaths increases...
(Creating a Statistical Anomaly!)
Experts will promptly point to their successful Vax but Rollout conducts the shifts as tbb pointed out.
Weather / Rollout / VOC / Masks are much larger impact than lesser Vax efficacy %.
eg: tbb can board most transit unvaxed but can't board any without mandated Mask! (#1Mask vs Vax?)

In their Own Words

Age Care workers risk 25% chance of covid infection & Big Bully PM stole their tuck shop money!
tbb & many here support Age Care / Frontline workers Isolating Strike & the Right 2 Vote!

"Each Election AEC Vote Teams visit Aged Care where people are not able to get to a polling place...
We have engaged with Health Authorities and Mobile Voting Teams will NOT be able to visit Aged care facilities or any hospitals given the higher Covid 19 risk in these settings!"
AEC advise Postal Vote or 25% infected Staff might wanna Vote in Person @ 2-10% [+] AEC Booth.

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