TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The government through the Ministry of Health provide a warning in line with the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, especially in Singapore and India. The Ministry of Health asked the public to return to wearing masks and prevent even more confirmed cases, especially among elders and non-vaccinated people.

In the country, despite the decrease in new cases from 1,242 cases to 1,145 cases, the mortality rate increases to 13 cases from the previous 12. The number of active cases also increased to 10,881 cases from the previous 10,881 cases. In addition, the number of patients being treated in the past seven days has increased from 1,573 to 1,617 patients.

"The public should actively wear masks, especially those who are sick [flu], those who are in contact with diseased people, and when in the crowds," said the speaker of the Minister of Health Mohammad Syahril in a written statement, Friday, April 21, 2023.

Syahril explained that the trend of the increasing cases of Covid-19 in the past few weeks was triggered by the new sub-variant Arcturus, or XBB 1.16, which is highly contagious. Symptoms of the new Artcuturs variant include conjunctivitis or red eyes, especially in children, fever, cough, troubled breathing, fatigue, muscle pains, headache, loss of taste and smell, throat pains, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

The provinces with the highest number of confirmed cases are Jakarta (491 local people, 19 travelling persons); West Java (200 local people, 0 travelling persons); East Java (147 local persons, 0 travelling persons); Central Java (99 local people, 1 travelling person); Banten (86 local people, 0 travelling person); Yogyakarta 41 local people, 0 travelling person); Bali (10 local people, 0 travelling persons), South Sulawesi (10 local people, 0 travelling persons); Lampung (6 local people, 0 travelling persons); and South Sumatera (5 local people, 0 travelling persons).

Syahril explained that overseas, the Arcturus sub-variant was found mainly in India. Based on the recent history of Covid-19 fluctuation, Syahril explained that Indonesia often follows the patter occurring in India. "India is experiencing 20% increase in the number of cases just yesterday, with daily cases reaching up to more than 12,500," Syahril said.

Syahril added that based on recent occasions, Covid-19 cases in Indonesia often increases not because of overseas travel, but because of new variants. "Therefore, the people must not let their guard down. Let’s wear masks and live healthily," Syahril said.


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