Combating COVID-19

The DoD continues to work closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of State to provide defense support in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. 

Since the Secretary of Defense designated USNORTHCOM as the DoD synchronizer on Feb. 1, 2020, our top priority has been to protect our people, safeguard our missions, and support the American people. Thousands of service members have deployed — and remain deployed — within the USNORTHCOM area of responsibility to provide aid to states and local communities in the fight against the virus.

Through every challenge the nation has faced, DoD has worked alongside and supported civil authorities every step along the way; not a single request has been declined. 

As we receive requests for assistance from FEMA, USNORTHCOM is deploying service members from all branches of service to assist in the whole-of-government effort. From supporting efforts to repatriate citizens back to the U.S. at the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak, to embedding medical teams in hospitals across America, to administering vaccines at Community Vaccination Centers, we have responded to every development during the pandemic to support the nation in its time of need.

Today, thousands of service members are providing life-saving vaccinations to our citizens. No matter the threat, we are always ready to defend the lives of our citizens and our homeland.

Getting Vaccinated

Each state has its own plan for deciding which groups of people will be vaccinated first. Contact your state health department for more information on its COVID-19 vaccination plan. If you are among those currently recommended to get a COVID-19 vaccine, there are several places you can look for vaccination providers near you. We've provided the CDC's VaccineFinder below to help you with your search.


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