Covid New Variant Pirola: The new variant of Corona has made people worried by knocking. Let us tell you that new variants of Omicron like Pirola (BA.2.86) have given sleepless nights to doctors all over the world. Let us tell you that more than 30 mutants have been found in Pirola. This variant is failing rapidly in many countries. Now the question is arising whether we will have to follow the rules of covid again due to the increase of this variant. Can people who have stopped wearing masks do so again? So let’s know what the experts have to say about it.

Covid New Variant

What do experts say

Infection of Pirola variant is being seen in many countries. Experts say that the rules of Covid should be followed in those countries where the infection is increasing rapidly. Let us tell you that more than 30 mutants of Pirola have been found. Due to such rapid mutation, the effect of the vaccine can also be reduced. For this reason it is a matter of concern. Keeping all these reasons in mind, doctors are advising people to be cautious.

What are the symptoms of Pirola?

Let us tell you that common symptoms like fever, cold are visible in the infected people of this variant. At the same time, symptoms like headache, body pain, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing are also seen. But it has not been confirmed that how dangerous this variant is compared to other variants. Disease Control Center (DCC) says that people who have got vaccinated can also get caught by this new variant. For this reason they need to be cautious.

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