CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Scientists from Tufts and Harvard Universities have successfully gotten frogs to grow back their legs. The researchers made silicone “caps” which contain a drug cocktail and put the caps over the amputated leg wounds for 24 hours. Over the next 18 months, many of the frogs grew new legs that were fully functional and almost as good as the originals.

Plus, seven of Little Debbie’s classics will be getting an ice cream make over. Oatmeal Creme Pies, Cosmic Brownies and even Honey Buns will pop up in the freezer section at Wal Mart Tuesday.

And, Domino’s Pizza is pushing more customers to choose carryout. The pizza chain is now “tipping” customers $3 if they carryout online orders, instead of having them delivered, because of an employee shortage.

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