American tennis professional Christopher Eubanks' start to the new year will certainly keep him awake in the coming days. Former tennis player Patrick McEnroe reacted to the Australian's ordeal and sent his regards to Eubanks.

The 26-year-old was scheduled to ply his trade at the upcoming Maharashtra Open in India, however, due to breathing problems, Eubanks opted to withdraw from the tournament and head to Australia in preparation for the Australian Open. Problems began when the American tried to book his flight from Pune to Auckland, ahead of the Australian Open.

The Atalanta-born man shared his ordeal on social media through a series of tweets. Eubanks started by describing his difficulties while trying to book a flight to Auckland.

Here’s a quick little recap of my 2023 so far…. Arrive in Pune, India excited for the first tournament of the year…. Begin to experience some difficulty breathing on court (probably asthma related) and decide it’s best to withdraw from the event…

Now I need to book flights to Auckland. The only place I could find the flight(s) I needed was on Priceline because for some reason, Qantas’ website didn’t show any Qantas flights for Jan 1 but Priceline did???? Make it make sense

While trying to book it on Priceline, it took me hours to get it done. I selected the flights, got the seats, and when it came time to pay, I got the “Your Flight is no longer available. Try to rebook” This happened repeatedly for hours… But in the end, it finally went though ??

So the flight I booked has 2 layovers. Mind you, I’m from ATL and I fly Delta. I’m not used to layovers (very spoiled) but it’s the only option so I go with it…

Eubanks further added how the airline's staff took hours to check-in his bags, and after eventually reaching Bengaluru, Eubanks learned that his next flight to Sydney was delayed by eight hours.

First flight is from Pune to Bengaluru… I always get to the airport early but something told me to get there super early just in case. Thankfully I did because the Indigo Airlines staff took over an hour to check our bags because they didn’t know Qantas’ bag policy…

After over an hour at the check in counter, they finally figure it out and we’re on our way…. Flight to Bengaluru… smooth. We land and find out that our next flight to Sydney has been delayed EIGHT HOURS…… ???

The World No. 123 further stated that he was not allowed to enter the lounge because of its rule of allowing travelers with less than four hours of flight.

I love a good lounge so I decide to use my AMEX benefits to get in the lounge to kill some time. Well the lady checking us in doesn’t want to let us in because we’re only allowed in less than 4 hours before our flight… LADY ITS NOT OUR FAULT OUR FLIGHT WAS DELAYED

Eventually, the player got through and described his flight to Sydney as the "most uncomfortable flight."

We eventually find a loophole to get in and we chill until our flight to Sydney… This flight to Sydney is the most uncomfortable flight I’ve ever experienced. I get a MAJOR headache that lasts half of this 12 hour flight AND…

there must’ve been atleast 5 babies on this flight that were not feeling it as well because those little devils were SCREAMINGGGGG. I wanted to join in with them. I was not OK

To make things worse, when Eubanks landed in Auckland, he found out that two of his bags went missing and did not arrive in Auckland. He said that he would keep his fans updated about the situation.

At the point, I know the trip is almost over so the delay doesn’t even bother me that much. We land in Auckland, go to baggage claim but guess what….. 2 of our bags don’t arrive. One with all my tennis clothes and the other being my coach’s tennis bag

We file a claim with Baggage Services and ask the rep when we might be able to expect an update on our bags… he says “you’ll be lucky to receive them in two weeks. There’s global backlog on missing bags” At this point, I just walk away and let my coach handle it. IM OVER IT

We take the few bags we have and go check into our hotel in Auckland and that’s where we stand now ? I look forward to keeping y’all updated on anything else that happens

Patrick McEnroe reacted to the post and sympathized with his compatriot.

"My man I feel your pain. That’s a brutal trip. Life as a tennis player is all glory right?? Wishing you all the best !!," McEnroe captioned his tweet.

My man I feel your pain. That’s a brutal trip. Life as a tennis player is all glory right?? Wishing you all the best !! ??????…

Christopher Eubanks received a wildcard for Australian Open 2023

Christopher Eubanks during the 2022 US Open - Day 4
Christopher Eubanks during the 2022 US Open - Day 4

26-year-old Christopher Eubanks played some of the best tennis of his career in the second half of last year to earn a wildcard for 2023's first Grand Slam, the Australian Open. The American finished second in the USTA's Australian Open Wildcard Play-off to earn his place in the tournament.

Eubanks played in the 2022 US Open and lost to Italy's Jannik Sinner in the second round. The American had qualified for the main draw at the New York Major after winning his qualifying matches.

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