The wildfires in Canada have caused a spike in air pollution that’s now affecting North Carolinians.

Depending on where you are in the Triangle, you may see a little haze when you step outside today.

Smoke from those wildfires more than 1,000 miles away could make it’s way into our area in the next couple of days.

That’s prompting air quality alerts. Dangerous air quality can impact people who have breathing issues.

The Triangle is under a code yellow Tuesday, which is normal for the summer. On Wednesday, however, the Triangle is under a code orange, which poses a threat for sensitive groups of people.

The spike in air pollution comes from the wildfires raging in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Hazy skies have blanketed a wide portion of the country. Air quality advisories are in effect for some regions as the smoke drifts to the Carolinas.

Alerts warning of elevated concentrations of air pollution were issued particularly for “sensitive groups.” This includes children, older adults and people with asthma and other pre-existing respiratory conditions.

Try to limit your time outdoors on Wednesday. You can also help prevent air pollution by driving less, conserving electricity and avoiding idling in cars.

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