PETALING JAYA: They may be the minority for now but those who have decided not to wear face masks on the first day of the standard operating procedure relaxation felt only relief.

Although many shoppers at the Raya Bazaar in Section 7, Shah Alam, were seen with their masks on while outdoors, graphic designer Nor Fazirah said she was comfortable not wearing one.

“I’m asthmatic and sometimes when I walk outside while wearing masks, it can be so stuffy,” the 32-year-old added.

In Kota Kinabalu, radio presenter Amy Dangin also has no qualms about being in crowded outdoor spaces without a mask as she is confident that the Covid-19 infection is now treatable.

Maggie Tan said she is relieved that the government has finally loosened the SOP on face masks.

“After two years of wearing them, I feel I can breathe again,” she said.

In Butterworth, Penang, Roslinda Musa was happy to be rid of the face mask.

“I was never in favour of wearing face masks as it was uncomfortable for me, especially during the hot weather. I would like things to return to normalcy although I know wearing a face mask is vital to protect ourselves from the virus,” said the 47-year-old.

Businesswoman Nur Shafina Zahari, 35, was also happy that the government had relaxed the mask-wearing mandate, saying it has come at the right time.

“It is a bold move and a good one,” she said.

“People want to return to normalcy and this ruling comes at the right time during the festive period,” she added.

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