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Navi Mumbai: For the last four days, there has been a huge increase in the amount of pollution in Navi Mumbai. Because of which the air quality in Navi Mumbai has become dangerous. Due to bad air, the number of patients related to cold, cough, eye and breath has reached 40 percent in Navi Mumbai. The polluted air of the city can prove to be a threat to patients with serious diseases. This is what the doctors say.

Significantly, for pure air quality, the AQI number in the air should be zero to 50, but in Navi Mumbai this number has reached 208. Which according to the Indian Tropical Meteorological Department, is dangerous for the citizens health. Due to this type of dangerous air, people have difficulty in breathing. Apart from this, this air also proves dangerous for the intestines and the day. This air can become fatal for asthma patients. Navi Mumbai air quality is at hazardous level, so patients with chronic diseases should take precautions.

Air quality deteriorated due to dust and smoke

Weather experts say that there is a different atmosphere in the winter season, especially in coastal areas like Navi Mumbai and nearby cities. There is a lot of dust in the air here, when this dust comes in contact with virus and bacteria, it acts like a floating balloon carrying the infection. Due to dust and smoke in cold weather, the viral load in the air increases, which makes a person sick by going through the nose to the lungs. Due to this, there is a sudden increase in asthma, COPD and other allergic diseases. A large number of trees are being cut in Navi Mumbai. The geographical area is also decreasing and large amount of constructions are increasing. Due to this, dust particles are mixing well in the air. Because of which the air quality is deteriorating day by day.

Alerted to Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and companies

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board is working cautiously regarding the deteriorating air of Navi Mumbai. In this regard, the Board’s officials recently held a meeting with Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation officials, representatives of Thane-Belapur MIDC area companies and concrete plant operators. In which the officers of the circle have asked to be alert in this regard, suggesting to control the dust and smoke spreading in the air. A board official said that all possible steps are being taken to prevent pollution.

Poor air quality can be harmful to the health of citizens. This can cause difficulty in breathing, feeling tired. This can be a big danger for asthma patients. To avoid this type of wind, citizens should wear masks and avoid cold temperatures. Patients should consume fruits to increase their immunity.

-Doctor. Manoj Upadhyay, Balaji Hospital, Digha

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