Image Credit: CFJC Today

By Silvia Senna


Jul 25, 2023 | 4:18 PM

KAMLOOPS — Over the last few days, the city of Kamloops has been suffering from the impacts of wildfires near town and those with chronic diseases are the most affected by it.

Hannah Munro has asthma and her condition intensifies during summer season, when wildfire smoke worsens the air quality.

“I definitely need to use my inhaler quite a bit more — especially with the smoke, just because my chest gets very tight from breathing in the smoke all day. I just keep on trying to use my inhaler to open up the lungs to be able to breath,” she explained.

Out of the nearly 500 wildfires burning in the province right now, the Ross Moore Lake fire is having a direct impact on Kamloops. According to Senior Air Quality Meteorologist, Donna Haga, this fire is the one bringing the most amount of smoke into town.

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