"That’s because I’ve spent hours constantly scrubbing it away,” she said. “I can’t risk Kyden breathing it in."

She has a 12-litre dehumidifier which she says fills up hourly, and places three moisture remover pots in each room which can last up to six weeks, but she says fill up in nine days.

She uses bleach and black mould remover on the walls, has her extractor fan on constantly, ventilates the property daily and keeps her heating on as much as she can - although two of her radiators currently don’t work.

"Our mattresses are soaked, my furniture gets covered in mould,” she said. “I wash the children’s clothes and put them away, all clean and tumble-dried. Then when I get them out to dress them they are horrible and damp."

Due to the mould in the 11-year-old building she has had to replace the children's beds four times in four years. She has replaced her bed twice, had two sofas and three different dining tables after they all became compromised with mould.

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