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Holi is celebrated as a very big festival in Hindu religion. This festival is considered incomplete without colors and gulal. On this day, people paint each other with great love and enjoy delicious home-made dishes. But for patients suffering from asthma, this festival sometimes becomes a cause of trouble. If gulal or color goes in the mouth of its patients on the day of Holi, then they may get an asthma attack. Today we are going to tell many important tips related to caution for asthma patients.

Stay away from chemical colors and dust

People who are suffering from asthma should avoid the effects of hooliganism, chemical colors and dusty soil. If you have a lot of desire to play Holi then you can play Holi with water. Because, playing Holi with color and gulal increases the risk of asthma attack, due to which your health can deteriorate badly.

keep inhaler with you

Asthma patients should keep their inhaler with them at all times on the day of Holi. On this day, due to celebrating Holi in a large crowd, you may get breathless, in such a situation, you must have an inhaler. By using this you can get instant relief. If you do not have an inhaler, then due to this your health may deteriorate.

victim may suffer

According to experts, asthma patients should avoid playing Holi with chemical colours. The reason for this is the particles present in those colors, which are in direct contact with the air. When those particles enter the lungs of the patients, the victim may start having trouble breathing.

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