Here’s how allergies can “trick” you and make it look like a cold!

Allergies are present throughout the year, but are much more common in the spring, when plants are blooming. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is most often caused by tree, grass and weed pollen. During this period, tree and grass pollen is present in the air.

Allergy symptoms are similar to a cold, so sometimes it is difficult to make the difference and be sure that it is an allergy. One patient speaking to Kurir TV revealed some of the symptoms of allergy:

“I’ve been struggling with allergies for years, and at first I thought they were colds. When I did the allergy tests, I realized that I’m allergic, so during the spring days, only tablets help me function better,” says Tijana Vučinović, who is allergic to pollen.

Also, at this time of the year the birch blossoms, which is a very strong allergenso more people see the doctor than usual.

“We very often have patients with allergy symptoms, and in practice we meet those who for years thought they had a cold. Mostly the symptoms are itchy nose and eyes, runny nose or watery eyesand if more severe symptoms occur with the lower respiratory tract, in the form of whistling in the lungs, difficulty breathing, suffocationwe advise patients to contact their chosen doctors in order to prescribe adequate therapy,” says Dr. Mirjana Kolundžić from the “Novi Sad” Health Center.

In recent decades, there are more and more people with allergies, so almost every one of us knows someone who suffers from this disease.

“Certainly, climate change is also happening in our area, and it absolutely affects people’s health. According to the available data, every fifth, sometimes even every third person has some form of allergy”, adds Dr. Kolundžić.


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