The kola nut is used to flavor sodas and as a supplement to increase energy or improve health.

The nut comes from the evergreen kola tree, which is found in the rainforests of Africa. Inside the tree’s star-shaped fruits are white shells, which contain the seeds or kola nuts.

In Nigeria, it is an important cultural symbol for many ethnic groups. It is given to guests at weddings, funerals, and naming ceremonies, and it is used in medicine. Ceremonial breaking of the kola nut is important for making people feel welcome in a village or gathering.

In this article in line with a publication on Medicalnewstoday, we are going to have a look at some of the incurable Ailments Chewing Kola nut often may help manage. Keep on reading and explore new knowledge.

What Are The Incurable Ailments Chewing Kola Nut Often May Help Manage?

1. Asthma - though most experts don't recommend using kola nut to handle asthma, it has been proven to be useful for people with some breathing problems such as asthma and the likes. The caffeine in kola nut acts as a bronchodilator which in essence entails that it opens the airways to breathing more easily. So if you have asthma, it wouldn't hurt chewing some kola nuts once in a while.

2. Prostate cancer - as we all know, prostate cancer has to do with growth of abnormal cells in the prostate gland that culminates in some disturbing symptoms and complications. Older men stand a higher risk of suffering from prostate cancer but some early research has pointed to the fact that some compounds in kola nut may help decrease the risk of prostate cancer. This means that men who chew kola nut often may be at a lower risk of prostate cancer development as against men who don't chew it at all.

Though some researchers are still debating against it, the early studies show that phytoestrogens in kola nuts help kill and destroy cancer cells which is very good for people who are at risk of prostate cancer such as older men.

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